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Maximizing value: how Yaakov Kanevsky helped a multifamily property owner secure a sale in a challenging market!!

The Challenge

The property owners of the 9- unit property on Great Mills Rd faced a significant challenge. They desired to sell their property, but they also wanted to ensure they could fetch a price of over $750,000 in a market with high-interest rates. The combination of these factors made it a daunting task to find the right buyer who would meet their expectations.

The Action

In their search for a solution, Monica, one of the property owners, reached out to Yaakov Kanevsky, a skilled and experienced real estate professional known for his ability to navigate challenging situations. Monica explained the unique predicament they faced and sought Yaakov's expertise to help them achieve their desired price.

The Solution

Upon hearing Monica's concerns, Yaakov immediately sprung into action.
He recognized the importance of finding the right buyer who would be willing to pay the desired price despite the challenging market conditions.
Drawing on his vast network of industry connections, Yaakov teamed up with a local auction group he had worked with previously.
They collaborated closely, combining their knowledge and resources to identify potential buyers who would appreciate the value of the 9-unit property. Yaakov's determination and perseverance were instrumental in ensuring the success of the deal. Despite encountering numerous obstacles along the way, such as negotiating with hesitant buyers and overcoming financing challenges, Yaakov refused to give up.
He tirelessly pursued every opportunity, working diligently to bring the deal to the finish line.

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“We cannot begin to express our gratitude for Yaakov exceptional dedication and unwavering support throughout the entire selling process of our 9-unit property on Great Mills Rd, Lexington Park, MD. With his meticulous attention to detail and unmatched resilience, Yaakov tackled every obstacle that came our way, ensuring a successful sale. His commitment and determination are truly commendable. Thank you, Yaakov, for going above and beyond to make this happen!”

– Monica

Success single story 02
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