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How did a local MGMT company get a cash offer for their client’s multifamily property?

The Challenge

JBZ and the property owner encountered a challenging situation in finding a buyer for their multifamily property due to the prevailing interest rates being around 6-7%. This posed a difficulty as potential buyers were hesitant to proceed without a financing contingency.

The Action

A: Recognizing the needs of the owner and JBZ, Yaakov leveraged his extensive network of over 10,000 MD investors to actively seok out a buyer who could offer a solution despite the high interest rates.

B: Yaakov's hands-on approach ensured he remained informed and involved in every step of the deal, driving the transaction forward and minimizing any potential hurdles along the way.

C: Displaying flexibility and a commitment to facilitating a successful sale, Yaakov worked closely with both the seller and buyer, ensuring that all terms could be met even if it required making certain concessions.

The Solution

Through Yaakov's expansive network and unwavering efforts to navigate the challenging market conditions, the property owner was able to secure a cash offer for their multifamily property.
Most importantly, the deal successfully closed despite the prevalent interest rates, achieving the desired outcome.

Success single story 03

“We had the pleasure of working with Yaakov Kanevsky as the real estate agent for the sale of the multi-family property located at Desato Rd. Baltimore, MD. Yaakov’s expertise and dedication were instrumental in making this deal a success. From the beginning. Yaakov actively sought out potential buyers and collaborated closely with our team to overcome any obstacles that arese during the process. His market knowledge and strong negotiation skills were evident as he skillfully managed each step of the transaction. Thanks to Yaakov’s unwavering commitment and collaborative approach, we were able to close the deal successfully. We highly recommend Yaakov as a reliable and results-driven real estate agent in the Baltimore area. His professionalism, expertise, and determination to achieve outstanding results make him a valuable asset for any real estate transaction.” satisfaction.”

– Jez

Success single story 03
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