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How GP4 real estate was able to sell their property at a top-of-the-line price in a down-turning market!!!

The Challenge

When GPA Real Estate Mgmt. approached Yaakov Kanevsky to list their property for sale towards the end of 2022, they were hesitant about the direction of the market. With interest rates starting to rise, they were concerned about not being able to get the price they wanted for their property. Despite being in good condition, GP4 Real Estate Mgmt, was nervous about the market sentiment and the potential challenges of selling their property quickly and at a fair price.

As the agent who listed and sold the property, Yaakov Kanevsky was determined to help GP4 Real Estate Mgmt. overcome these challenges and achieve their goals. He recognized the importance of understanding the local market trends and had a solid network of potential buyers who might be interested in the property. With his expertise and knowledge of the real estate market, Yaakov Kanevsky took decisive action to help GP4 Real Estate Mgmt. navigate the complex landscape and sell their property at a price that exceeded their expectations.

The Action

To help GP4 Real Estate Mgmt. sell their property despite the challenging market conditions. Yaakov Kanevsky took a number of actions that focused on highlighting the property's qualities and reducing buyer risk.

-Yaakov emphasized the excellent condition of the property to decrease buyer risk and position the property as a safe investment.

-Yaakov highlighted the low vacancy rates of the property, making it an attractive choice for investors seeking steady rental Income.

-Yaakov focused on the lower-than-usual delinquency rate of the property, showcasing the strong track record of tenants paying their rent on time to reassure potential buyers.

-Yaakov utilized multiple marketing strategies, including leveraging a network of potential buyers, social media, and high- quality marketing materials, to maximize the property's exposure and reach a wider audience

The Solution

Thanks to Yaakov Kanevsky's strategic actions, GP4 Real Estate Mgmt was able to achieve an Impressive result for the sale of their property. Despite the challenging market conditions, Yaakov was able to secure a sale price that was around $10,000 more per door than what other similar properties in the same area had sold for. This was a significant accomplishment that demonstrated the effectiveness of Yaakov's approach in highlighting the property's strengths and generating strong interest from potential buyers.

In addition to achieving a higher sale price, Yaakov was also able to ensure that the new property owner would still be able to make a healthy return on their investment. This was a critical consideration that helped to create a win- win situation for both the buyer and the seller. By striking a balance between maximizing the sale price and ensuring the buyer's financial viability, Yaakov was able to create a positive outcome that satisfied all parties involved.

Overall, the results of Yaakov's efforts demonstrate the importance of strategic thinking and effective marketing in achieving successful outcomes, even in challenging morket conditions. By leveraging his expertise and taking a proactive approach, Yaakov was able to help GP4 Real Estate Mgmt. achieve an impressive result for the sale of their property.

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“Working with Yaakov Kanevsky from Midfield Realty was a fantastic experience for us at GP4 Real Estate Mgmt. Despite the challenging market conditions, Yaakov was able to successfully position our property and generate strong interest from potential buyers. His strategic thinking and proactive approach ensured that we achieved an excellent result for the sale of our property, with a sale price that exceeded our expectations. We were impressed with Yaakov’s expertise, professionalism, and dedication throughout the entire process, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell their property.”

– GP4 Real Estate Mgmt.

Success single story 04
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