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How a local owner was able to sell their challenging property with midgfield

The Challenge

In the process of closing the 6- unit property on S Calhoun St in Baltimore, both the buyer, Shana, and the seller faced a significant challenge. It came to light that the current tenants were not up to date with their rental payments, posing a potential hurdle to the successful completion of the transaction.

The Action

Yaakov Kanevsky, a skilled real estate agent representing both the buyer and the seller, immediately took action upon discovering the delinquency of most of the property's tenants. Drawing from his previous experiences with properties having delinquent tenants, Yaakov swiftly initiated negotiations for a "cash for keys" arrangement with the tenants. The goal was to secure their agreement to vacate the premises by the closing date, ensuring a smooth transition for the buyer.

The Solution

Demonstrating his negotiation skills, persistence, commitment, and dedication to assisting both the buyer and the seller, Yaakov went above and beyond to find a solution. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, he personally paid a significant portion of the cash for keys out of his own pocket.
This proactive step ensured that the property would be vacant at the time of closing, removing any potential obstacles and allowing the transaction to proceed successfully.
Yaakov Kanevsky's remarkable efforts and willingness to take on additional responsibilities played a crucial role in the closing of the 6-unit property on S Calhoun St in Baltimore.
His swift action, effective negotiation skills, and personal investment in the process highlight his commitment to achieving a favorable outcome for both the buyer and the seller.

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“I had a great experience working with Yaakov, the real estate agent, for the multifamily 6-unit property on CALHOUN ST. He went above and beyond to assist me throughout the entire process, ensuring that each step was handled smoothly. With his expertise and dedication, he successfully helped me secure the property by working out cash for keys arrangements for most of the units, resulting in a completely vacant property. I highly recommend Yaakov for his outstanding professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction.”

– Shana

Success single story 01
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